Thursday, April 10, 2014

LUC (In The Age Of Copies) by Kimball Lee

Dr. Henley Carr has dedicated her meteoric career to creating the first truly sentient Copy. With his genius grade DNA, organic+computer assisted brain and hyper-enhanced body; he’s designed to be the ultimate SuperMan. But young, ambitious Dr. Carr has been hiding an important detail from the defense corporation funding her project and from the world. She’s expanded her work with her new LUC prototype by introducing organic, Original Species hormones into his system. He’s suddenly becoming more Original than Copy, more man than she ever expected. He is thinking, calculating, evolving and FEELING! When she’s forced to abort the project and terminate Luc, she realizes she’s stumbled onto something much more explosive than a highly refined Lethal Ultimate Commando. She’s stumbled on to the means to create a species superior to Originals in every way, a species that could eradicate and replace every Original in existence, and to make matters worse, she’s fallen in love with him along the way.

"A mind-blowing glance into a future dystopia."

"At first I doubted Kimball Lee's ability to create a believable science fiction world. I figured it would just be a cheesy romance, but man was I wrong! LUC is brilliant!" - Amazon Reviewer

"With this beautifully crafted and highly conceptual work, author Kimball Lee proves her ability to be passionately diverse and shows us exactly why all of her books remain on the Kindle Best Seller lists." -GPI

LUC: Book Two, coming Summer 2014.

I found this book as a free run on Amazon. Currently you can get it free as well.

I ranked it at 4 of 5 stars

LUC is an interesting concept about a future possibility. Luc is the epitome of a woman's wet dream and Henley sounds like an attractive woman. Due to her experiments and attachments they get into trouble escaping. I don't care for the sudden stop and I'm not a big fan of cutting off a book to make another when it could just continue. But it is a good read and it draws readers in. Looking forward to the next.

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Originally reviewed: 10th April, 2014

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