Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fredo's Dream (SEAL Brotherhood:Fredo) by Sharon Hamilton

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Navy SEAL Alphonso Manuel Esquidido “Fredo” Chavez has the heart of a lion and would do anything to protect and honor his beautiful bride, Mia. He’d fought for her love tirelessly, even after his Team buddies suggested he give up. But it was more than pride that wounded him when he discovered he could not father children. He is raising another man’s son as his own, but can never give her what she wants more than possibly anything else in the world. He has kept this a secret only unto himself and his best friend, Cooper. And he knows time is not on his side.

Mia Guzman has come a long way from wild child girlfriend of San Diego drug dealers to devoted mother and now dutiful wife of the man she now knows was always there for her, and always will be. She yearns to have a child with Fredo, to honor him with her body in every way she can, perhaps making up for the years she discounted his devotion.

Their beautiful love and marriage will be tested to the limits through twists and turns before the dramatic final outcome readers will love.

I have gotten more fan mail about Fredo than any other of my Navy SEALs. This book is for you readers, by popular request!

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My Review
4 of 5 stars
I'm a huge fan of the SEAL Brotherhood series and when I was given a chance to read an early copy, I jumped on the chance and I'm happily writing a review of my own choice. 
I can't say how excited I was when I found out Sharon Hamilton was writing another Fredo book. He is one of my favorite SEALs in her series and I really wanted to see what happened with him and Mia. I do recommend reading Fredo's Secret first, just because it gives you a bit more depth of the characters and just that much more understanding of Fredo and Mia's relationship.
This book catches your attention from the start. Fredo's problem is something a lot of men face and I loved that Sharon Hamilton willingly put it in one of her books, showing that even the best and strongest have flaws. It makes them just that much more relatable. And he keeps the fact he is sterile from his wife only to learn she is pregnant? He thinks the worst. His job takes him away before they can work it out. When his mission is over he tries to reach Mia only to learn she was taken.....
This book was written very well, the plot well thought out and expanded on. It feels like a perfect flow from Fredo's Secret. 
B. Gillilan

Monday, November 14, 2016

Idolize by Maggie Mundy

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Cassi moved to LA to escape a violent past and wants anonymity for herself and her son. She's starting to get her life back on track when she meets Declan Reed. He's the latest hit on the Hollywood scene, playing the lead in the TV series Dark Storm. Just when she finds the love of her life, Declan's fame forces Cassi's past to come back and haunt her. 

My Review
3 of 5 stars
This is a first Maggie Mundy book for me, but the blurb and cover caught my attention, and everyone will tell you I'm done for a great cover. 
Idolize was an interesting read for me. You have Cassi trying to keep herself and her son in the shadows so her past doesn't come to bite her in the butt. Then you have famous actor and center of the limelight, Declan. They meet when Cassi rescues him from a hiking trail. Declan is instantly attracted and feels a different emotion towards her that he doesn't feel towards anyone else. Cassi feels it too but fights it so that she can stay hidden. 
The story is well structured and the character development is expressed well for the most part. Following the storyline is a bit halting at times, and for me the intimate scenes were too short. I don't have to have an extremely detailed love scene, but it was almost sterile in the length leaving the reader to feel like it was a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of moment. 
It is a good read, it just needs some help.
B. Gillilan

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Temple of the Exploding Head by Ren Garcia

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A God In His Temple Is Invincible.

An outlaw and evil spirit, the Horned God confronts the gods themselves. From his Temple deep in the ground he is finally ready to act. A new Age of Blood could be in the offing.

Lord Kabyl of Blanchefort returns to his home with the pieces of The Machine in hand. He expects his love, Lady Sammidoran, will return to begin their life together as man and woman at last. However, the Horned God has other ideas and he pursues Lady Sammidoran without pause. As Lord Kabyl seeks to save his love from an insane god, all roads lead to the dreaded TEMPLE OF THE EXPLODING HEAD, where none emerge alive.

Elsewhere, Captain Davage and his Countess, Sygillis, find themselves lost deep in enemy territory where the Horned God’s horrific servants hold sway. Even if the Captain and Countess manage to return home to Kana in one piece, what will they find when they arrive?

The Temple of the Exploding Head saga concludes in this action-filled adventure of love and loss. In a place where even the gods fear to tread, how can naught but a tragedy be the outcome?

My Review
4 of 5 stars
I walked into the end of this series, but I have to say this book kept my attention from start to finish. I was a little confused but as I read further I figured things out. I had a great time getting to meet the characters and even the evil god beings. The action was amazing and everything was very well explained and detailed. There were a few characters I thought were left high and dry, but makes me hope for a spin-off for them. A great plot and an amazing read! I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
B. Gillilan

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More Than Words by Susan Child

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It was just fun & games… until it got serious.
There are reasons you’re not meant to fall in love with your best friend. The big one would be watching as he introduces you to a skinny blonde. A week away to drown my misery—with lots of wine—seemed like a good idea. Well, that was until my infatuation showed up. That one steamy encounter changed everything.
There’s a reason you’re not meant to sleep with your best friend. Because once you do, nothing will ever be the same again.

My Review
4 of 5 stars
Ever had a best friend that you fell in love with? You eventually tell your best friend.....and they say they don't feel the same? That is what happens in More Than Words. Sam has been in love with her best friend Brett for a long time, but she's been to scared to tell him. Finally, she gets up the nerve to tell him.....not only does he NOT say it back, but in walks his beautiful new girlfriend......heartbroken and feeling like she just ruined their friendship, Sam leaves. This is a short but amazing read. Finding love and healing hearts, throw in some steamy love scenes and you have a great Susan Child read! B. Gillilan