Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hell Hounds Are For Suckers (San Francisco Vampire Series) by Jessica McBrayer

Vampire, Hannah’s best friend has coupled up and Hannah is feeling alone and lonely. One night on a stroll through her favorite grave-yard she is be-hounded by a small growling fur ball. The puppy refuses to leave and reluctantly she takes him in. She soon needs expert advice because the puppy won’t eat any of the expensive dog chow she buys and burps fire.
Hannah consults her vampire friends and a friendly jinni and finds out she’s got herself a hell hound. And more, the jinni warns, there is sure to be an owner in the background somewhere. When a gorgeous demon shows up pounding on her door wanting his dog back, Hannah is suddenly in the middle of a humorous predicament. This between-quell, the second episode of the Vampires of San Francisco series, is a novella of 60 pages.

I found this on a Free Run on Amazon and it's still free.

I reviewed it at 4 of 5 stars
I really enjoyed this read. Hades is an adorable Hell Hound and is a complete ham. Getting glimpses of Hannah's friends and a bit of their story makes the reader intrigued enough to be interested in purchasing the other books in the series to find out the whole story. Aidan is so sweet and your heart breaks for him. Diel's description is very sexy and I can picture a hot demon in my mind when it's his part. I really enjoyed the Hannah/Diel interaction and relationship. My only critique is the story is too short.

Good reading
Brandi G.

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reviewed on March 24th,2013

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