Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Mating Call by Marie Stephens

I did a read and review for this author. She's a very nice lady to talk to. Her book is available on Smashword for $3.99

I reviewed it at 2 of 5 stars
The information given for The Mating Call sounds great! I was looking forward to reading it since I love paranormal and especially Werewolves. I was disappointed for the most part with the book. 
There were several grammar and spelling errors that should have been caught in the editing phase. They tended to be distracting, especially when the book was speaking of Lucian and would say her instead of he or him.
In my opinion Samantha raged and yelled too much in the beginning when normally questions would be asked. 
It's a bit hard to read in some spots because of the sections being bogged down with too much detail or detail placed in odd spots. I love knowing what characters look like but it can be broken up into multiple spots. Also, usually you describe people when they are looking at each other not after one leaves the room. There also happens to be a lot of spots that repeat the same thing over and over in a small area.
The pace is a bit rushed, I understand novellas are small and you need to get from point a to point b but more filler would help spread out the plot and made for an easier read.
It does get better as you read at about the middle but it gets really hurried at the end. More could have happened or something could have been expanded on such as her gift with dreams which is only mentioned in passing.
The plot has great potential and the story would be great if it was expressed better.
Brandi G.

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reviewed June 12, 2013

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