Monday, June 27, 2016

Tempted by a Marine (A Few Good Men: Night Moves Book 1) by Kerry Conners

I found Tempted by a Marine on Amazon as a Free Read


Erin Wyatt had never wanted anyone the way she wanted Mike Keller. Too bad he was a major pain in the ass. Keller seemed to think it was his responsibility to look after the sister of the man who'd saved his life. The last thing Erin wanted was a hardass Marine trying to play big brother—especially when there was nothing sisterly about the way she was looking at him…


Keller owed a debt of honor to the fellow Marine who’d given his life for his. That meant the man’s sister was strictly off-limits. But the one woman he was duty-bound to stay away from was the only one he wanted—and in a battle between honor and the heart, sometimes the heart can't be denied….

Contemporary Romance Novella; 16,000 words
Contains strong language and sexual situations

My Review: 4 of 5 stars
A sweet read about a Marine that feels he owes penance for being saved by a fellow Marine, an injury that took his life, and a sassy teacher that wants to be seen as a woman, not a kid sister. Mike is a Marine, he was saved by his fellow Marine nicknamed Boomer. Mike, who has nobody waiting for him, feels it should have been him to make that sacrifice not Boomer, who had a wife, kids and sister waiting on him. While the platoons tells the grieving Widow call on them should she need anything, Mike thinks of Boomer's sister.
Erin is a high school teacher and sister to the late Marine Boomer. Boomer was always very protective of her and constantly tried to run her life. They love each other, no matter their differences. When Mike started coming around, making repairs, she hoped she could 'get to know him' better. But he kept his distance.
When he shows up late one rainy night, like a force of nature, she puts her foot down. Does she get her Marine?

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