Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Three Stones of Bethany by April Marcom

I received this book as an ARC

The kingdom of Bethany was once a beautiful place made up of five magical nations, each with their own special gifts. It all changed in a day, however, when the murderous dredgelings arrived. No one quite knows where they came from or how they keep multiplying, no matter how many are killed in the long, cruel war they’ve waged. 
All seems to be lost, until a human girl named Taylor is mistakenly transported to Bethany. Kane, the king over these nations, despises her whole-heartedly at first, and then she makes him laugh for the first time since the devastation began years ago. And the earthling manages to find new ways to surprise him with her valor and loyalty every single day. Unfortunately, Taylor’s only wish through their dangerous quest to reunite three magical stones and save the kingdom, aside from surviving this fearful place, is to return home.
But as fate goes, she soon discovers the only way to recapture the stones and save the lives of the royals she’s come to love as her first real family is to give up any hope of ever returning to her old life. In the end it all comes down to what sort of hero she truly is, one to her own self, or one to entire nations.

My Review:
I give 4 of 5 stars
I received this book as an ARC, I requested to review it because the information given captured my attention. I can be picky about my books, but as an author, I'm allowed. But when I started reading The Three Stones of Bethany, I was captivated. The characters are very well developed and the world April created for them, makes the reading experience even better. I enjoy when a book leaves me wanting more, but not mad that there wasn't more. The plot was developed and explained flawlessly throughout the book, keeping the reader in the loop, and by the end, I was satisfied with the story that was told. Yes, I would love to read another, but I not mad it ended because it finished in a good spot. I expect great things from April.

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