Friday, September 16, 2016

3rd Trip to the Altar by Susan Ann Wall

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Tristin May has a bad habit of leaving men at the altar, but Brent Daniels isn’t just any man, he’s her first love.

When traveling nurse Tristin May heard the song dedication on the radio, there was only one thing to do: return to Lilac Ridge to see if summer love once again sparked with her long ago flame. The spark explodes, and Tristin spends the summer making new memories, but she is spooked when things go further than she dared dream. She high-tails it to her next nursing assignment, desperate not to leave a man at the altar for a third time.

Dedicating a song to Tristin on a national radio show was a shot in the dark for Brent Daniels, so when she shows up in Lilac Ridge, he’s determined he won’t let her go a second time. Tristin is as wild and carefree as Brent remembers despite the tragedy she endured after graduating college, and she brings out his own, long dormant wild side. Since he’s not looking for just a summer fling, Brent sets out to prove to Tristin he’s a man not only worth taking a chance on, but worth spending the rest of her life with.

But when Brent’s proposal sends his would-be bride running in the wrong direction, it takes the affection of his rescue raccoon Rascal to remind him she’s worth fighting for and to convince her that the third time is a charm. 

My Review
4 of 5 stars

3rd Trip Down the Aisle is a story about summer love that lasted even after they parted ways.....ten years ago. Brent "Bear" Daniels lives in Lilac Ridge and when he was a teen he met the girl of his dreams. For the last ten years he has been trying to find a woman to give him that same feeling, but he can't. In a desperate attempt to find the one that got away, he writes in to a local radio station and dedicates a song to her. Hoping she will hear it and return to him.
Tristin May was visiting the small town for a family vacation before going off to college. When she met Brent she was stuck on him. They spent the summer together as much as possible. When she left, she left part of herself behind. A tragedy after college makes her gun-shy when it comes to men, going so far as to leave two men at the altar. When she hears Brent's dedication, she goes back to Lilac Ridge.
The rekindle the love from that summer, ten years ago. But when Brent wants to take the next step, Tristin May runs...
This book is a great read. It's a great romance that explores the one that got away and healing from tragic events. It takes on a realism that not everyone has a good relationship with love and that it takes dedication from someone else to help heal.
B. Gillilan

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