Friday, September 16, 2016

The Perfect Pairing by Susan Ann Wall from the Romancing the Wine Box Set

I received this book for an honest review. You can purchase it as part of the Romancing the Wine Box Set for $0.99 on Amazon

She thought she landed the perfect job, but what her sexy new boss has to offer is the perfect pairing. 

My Review:
4 of 5 stars
The Perfect Pairing is a lovely romance about Courtney Daniels and Aiden Black. Courtney is the sister of Brent "Bear" Daniels in the previous book 3rd Trip to the Altar.
Courtney's brother got married and left the state for a few months, closing his business while he was away and leaving his sister without a job. She applied at the prestigious Black Vine Vineyard for the Marketing position over the Winery. 
Aiden Black has come home after 11 years to take over the family business after his father's death. While in charge, his father put the business in the red, Aiden is determined to restore the Winery to it's former glory that his Grandfather had it as and make a success of the place.
He hires Courtney to be the receptionist with the possible chance to go to Marketing when he makes the position available.
The attraction is instant and while Courtney wants to ignore it Aiden wants to find a way around her rules, one night he brings her home and kisses her.
After swearing he won't fire her if things go south, they start a private relationship....which means people figure it out before they are ready to tell them. 
This book is a great story. It a steady pace and a fun read, With steamy love scenes and sweet moments, it's a book that will reach a wide variety of readers. And add a rescue dog named Humphrey that earned the name to top it off, and you get the Perfect Pairing.
B. Gillilan

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